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Championship Rules [T4]

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Championship Rules [T4] Empty Championship Rules [T4]

Mensagem  Duplode em Qua Out 01, 2008 12:42 am

Round structure and organization

A.1 The competition is composed of a number of rounds held bi-weekly, each with an assigned track and car.
A.1.1 The assignment of tracks and cars to specific rounds is to be done on the weeks preceding the start of the season. During that period, anyone interested can design and submit candidate tracks, specifying the car with which it is supposed to be raced. Such proposals are to be done publicly, using the competition Forum, and will be subject to the scrutinity of the competition manager as well as the rest of the racers before the track gets assigned for a round. Final decisions on the process are reserved to the manager.
A.1.2 In advance of the start of the first race, the planned dates for the start of all rounds are to be published, alongside with the assigned tracks and the set of tracks to be used in the championship.

A.2 Each round begins at Sunday-to-Monday midnight of the first week of the round, and ends at the noon of the Monday immediately after the second week of the round (from now on termed the "deadline"). Racers can submit their laps on the track of the round during this interval of 14 and a half days on each race.
A.2.1 All times referred on A.2 and elsewhere on the ruleset are GMT -3.

A.3 Participation in the rounds is open to all interested racers in any point of the championship.

Replay-making rules

B.1 Competition replays must be performed using the version 1.1 of Stunts, published by Broderbund.

B.2 A competition replay valid for a certain round must be performed on the assigned racing track. No modifications on the track are allowed.

B.3 Similarly, replays must be performed with the assigned car for the round. Any modifications on the car are strictly forbidden.

B.4 Pausing the game, using ESC or by any other means, while driving a competition lap is not allowed.
B.4.1 Rule B.4 implies that use of "Load Replay" and "Save Replay" game functions, as well as to rewind the replay during a competition lap are not allowed. All kinds of "Replay Handling" are strictly forbidden on this contest.

B.5 Violation of any of the rules B.1 to B.4 in a lap will imply on said lap's invalidity.

Driving Rules

C.1 The "track proper", for this ruleset purposes, is defined as consisting of:
C.1.1 The upper face of the paved surface in roads and bridges, as visually delimited by the game;
C.1.2 Corner rumblestips;
C.1.3 Track delimiters in hill slope roads;
C.1.4 Tunnel roofs (only the part directly above the asphalt);
C.1.5 The drivable inner surface of loops, pipes and other round stunts elements.

C.2 During a lap, racers must keep at least two wheels on or over the track proper.
C.2.1 Verification of the C.2 rule will be performed using the F3 view directly overhead of the car.
C.2.2 A wheel being partially on or over the track proper, as verified using the viewpoint defined in C.21, is enough to satisfy the requests of C.2
C.2.3 Exceptions to the C.2 rule are:
C.2.3.1 Although highway delimiters are not considered as part of the track proper, crossing over them is allowed if the jump needed to do so begins and end within the highway. Driving on, or touching, the grass surface is not allowed, nor is not following C.2 using ramps to jump over highway tiles.
C.2.4 Violations of C.2 in which there was clear loss of time for the racer (such as most cases of spinning out of the track) may be disregarded on the basis of the manager's judgement.

C.3 Loops and left-right corkscrews need to be looped properly, that is, driven though a trajectory approximately parallel to the lane-delimiting yellow line that goes across them.
C.3.1 For corks l/r, C.3 is equivalent to: the car must enter the element by the right side of the central barrier, be upside down at some point of its trajectory and leave the element by the left side of the central barrier.
C.3.2 For loops, C.3 is equivalent to: the car must be upside down at some point of its trajectory.
C.3.3 Corkscrews down-up and up-down are exempt from this rule, so that they may be jumped over if the track allows so as long as other rules are not violated in doing so.

C.4 Exploiting collision bugs in which the car crosses from one side to another of a solid object is forbidden in any case. In particular, that applies to slalom blocks and bridge walls.

C.5 Violation of any of rules C.2, C.3 or C.4 in a lap will imply on said lap's invalidity.

C.6 The right of proposing amendments to the rules C.1 to C.4 for specific short sections of tracks is reserved to the competition manager and to the designer of the particular track. Any such proposal must be approved by the manager and have its approval confirmed on the Forum within 48 hours of the start of the race on the affected track before becoming effective.

Replay-sending Rules

D.1 Once a competition lap is finished, the racer should enter his name on the game scoreboard and save the resulting replay. Then, both the saved replay (*.RPL) and the high score table for the track (*.HIG) should be mailed to the competition manager.

D.2 Replays and high scores must be sent to the manager within the race deadline, as verified by the time registered for the receiving of the e-mail by the manager.
D.2.1 If a racer is unable to send the replay within the deadline, he/she has an additional 12 hours to submit it. In that case, however, the racer will be penalized according to the E.1.2 rule.
D.2.2 In case a racer forgets to send the high score file alongside with a replay sent within the deadline, he/she has an additional 12 hours past the deadline to send the correct *.HIG file with no penalty.

D.3 Failure to follow the instructions on rules D.1 and D.2 imply on the disconsideration of the submitted lap.

Race and Overall Classification

E.1 Racers will be classified on the race according to the time of his/hers valid replay with the shortest time submitted within the intervals expressed on the rule D.2, shortest times being ranked higher.
E.1.1 Racers who send late replays within the tolerance stipulated in D.2.1 will be classified below all racers that sent their times before the deadline. Within such set of late replays, classification will proceed normally.
E.1.2 In case two or more racers reach equal times, all of them will be ranked at the same position, which will be the position just below the immediately faster racer on the classification (with the times affected by E.1.1 being excluded). Any racers below the drawn competitors are classified disregarding the occurrence of the precedent draw.

E.2 According to the race classification defined by application of E.1, racers will be assigned points on each race on the following way: racers classified from first to eight receive 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point, respectively.

E.3 By the end of the season, all participating racers will be classified according to their overall performance during the championship. The criteria to be used in such classification are, in order of decreasing priority:
E.3.1 Sum of points attained in all races, calculated in accordance to E.2;
E.3.2 Number of victories. If the number of victories is equal, the number of second places is to be used instead, and so on;
E.3.3 Head-to-head record between drawn racers. This criteria will be implemented as a parallel point system involving only drawn racers and only the races in which all of them took part. On this system, the worst classified driver on each race will receive one point, the second worst, two, and so on;
E.3.4 If the listed criteria cannot resolve a draw in the overall classification, drawn racers are awarded the same position, in analogy to E.1.2.

E.4 The racer ranked highest on the overall classification at the end of the season will be awarded the official and unitary title of JACStunts Champion for the season.
E.4.1 Additionally, the highest ranked racer registered as Brazilian will receive the symbolic title of current Brazilian Champion.
E.4.2 In analogy to E.4.1, the highest ranked foreigner (not registered as Brazilian) racer will receive the symbolic title of Top Foreigner Racer.
E.4.3 In accordance to E.3.4, titles may be shared if draws for the involved positions cannot be resolved.

Additional administrative dispositions

  • Replays and highscores are to be sent to the following e-mail address: igornsdm[AT]gmail.com
  • Race results and the corresponding replays are to be published until the Tuesday-to-Wednesday midnight immediately following the closing of the race

An extra item, A.2.1, was added in order to define GMT -3 as the tournament official timezone. It will be added on the Portuguese ruleset as well.


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Championship Rules [T4] Empty Re: Championship Rules [T4]

Mensagem  Krys TOFF em Dom Out 05, 2008 7:01 am

Still no video proof of noRH racing is needed ? Rolling Eyes

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Championship Rules [T4] Empty Re: Championship Rules [T4]

Mensagem  Duplode em Dom Out 05, 2008 9:30 pm

No, not for this season at least - there would be a few logistic issues to solve before doing so...


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Championship Rules [T4] Empty Re: Championship Rules [T4]

Mensagem  CTG em Seg Dez 15, 2008 7:52 pm

I suggest to make a more "transparent" system with regularly updated scoreboard (PHP?).

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Championship Rules [T4] Empty Re: Championship Rules [T4]

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